Welcome to the CU Boulder Machine Learning Meetup Website! Even if it is not apparent, Machine Learning pervades our lives. In a sample of current applications,  it:

  • Selects and recommends online products, movies, and web page ads
  • Detects spam, malware, and network intrusions
  • Performs face, speech, and handwriting recognition
  • Predicts equipment failures, strokes, and network outages
  • Stops credit card fraud, performs credit scoring, and detects money laundering

This Website is dedicated to developing practical Machine Learning skills using practical examples. Use your laptops, we will be implementing practical examples so that you will bring away real proficiency at Machine Learning techniques. Mathematical skills will be assumed, including algebra, statistics/probability, and calculus, as is programming skill in Python. Knowing R is desirable. If not, you will need to go to references to get up to speed.

Vast amounts of data are available and Machine Learning extracts useful information to guide decisions. We will explore multiple techniques of Machine Learning, including supervised and unsupervised learning, K-nearest neighbors, decision trees, Bayesian networks, logistic regression and support vector machines.. We hope you will find the subject exciting and rewarding!