Our¬†website is possible thanks to use of the¬†text, Machine Learning in Action, possible due to permission from the author, Peter Harrington, and Manning Books (who have offered us a generous group discount) for allowing us to present notes and examples from Peter’s Machine Learning book, which you are encouraged to purchase (it is available in paperbook and eBook form):

Machine Learning in Action (MLiA)
Peter Harrington
Manning Publications Co. Greenwich, CT
April 2012
Barnes and Noble
Manning (eBook)
Source code

One thought on “Acknowledgements

  1. Items from the 6/27 meetup:
    – Using the full two hours scheduled for the meeting: because it was suggested to accommodate people who have only one hour, have the first hour be self contained. Because a number said they can stay two hours, plan a second project just for the second hour. All notes will be on the website for those who can’t be present.
    – Planning topics in advance: Linear classifiers, Bayesian methods, decision trees, dimension reduction, boosting/adaboost, etc.
    – Improved Python installation instructions, including Anaconda and installing if Python 3 already present/using VirtualBox+Ubuntu VM
    – Possibly an extra Statistics-focused meeting, optionally on the weekend
    – Producing material members can use to prepare before meetings, e.g., reducing time spent on background material in meetings


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